Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Abolition Of Man

"Abolition Of Man" is probably one of the hardest reads I have ever had. I read through it and could only understand parts of what Lewis was trying to say, because of some of his previous essays I have read ("Our English Syllabus").
The first chapter talks about the education system and how it focuses only of the intellectual side side of learning rather then the emotional side. What lewis is trying to say is that we need the emotional side to be able to discern from whats right and whats wrong. The name of the chapter was "Men Without Chest". Sense education only focuses on the intellectual side we don't have the emotions necessary to make the right decisions between right and wrong, but they demand it of us. Hence the title "Men Without Chest, It like asking the body to function without of a heart.
The whole book really deals with Natural Law. Natural Law is something that was given to us when we were created. It is the ability to know the if something is morally wrong or right. I know that the idea lewis is trying to get through is that when we cover up our Natural law and struggle to tell the difference between right and wrong. This is what causes the abolition of man.

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