Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Engaging God's World: Ch. 5

This chapter was about God's kingdom and how we are embassadors to the world from His kingdom. I think that in a way Learning in War Time and this really correlate. We are here to represent the Lord and bring people to His kingdom. Sense we are doing this and our Christians ourselves we are part of great spiritual war. So sense we are trying to win people we need to be educated and have the ability to learn in bad times so that we may be fully equipped to stand up to anything that comes against us.
We also have to remember that no matter how bad things get we are here to serve God. There is always people out there they need to be saved, we can't go soft every time something goes wrong. I think this is really the main idea of the chapter and how I understood it was we are already apart of of a kingdom. Often times when we are in pain or suffering we pray and always ask God "for his kingdom to come" so that we will be saved from whatever it is that is hurting us. We sometimes forget that we are already in his kingdom. I personally think it is funny how when things earth are going so good we never ask God "for his kingdom to come". It is only when things are going bad. Once again I see a common truth in all of Lewis writings and that there is always a message of not growing content with where you are in this life. We have to continue striving to be better servants of the Lord.

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