Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Weight of Glory

"The Weight Of Glory" has been one of my favorite reads so far. It is a lot like some of his other writings in that it brings up a lot of questions with no answers. It leaves the reader to think for themselves and find and answer, because the answer will probably be different for every person. "The Weight Of Glory" is a lot more straight forward then usual, which I liked.
This really talks about how God made us for heaven and to live our lives to bring glory to him. By bringing God glory we bring ourselves glory. A lot of people believe that glory is something they achieve by being good Christians and making it into heaven. I think that in a way they are somewhat right and wrong. Glory in a way is an achieved by making it into heaven, but the glory it self comes from the acknowledgment of God himself. It's through God's grace that glory comes. So is it all right for you motivation to do good and live by God's word to gain glory? I think so, why else would the bible tell us the outcome and reward of living for God?
I think that it is so amazing the God would even consider glorifying us. Out of all of his creations we are the least deserving, but yet he cares about us more then any other creature on this planet.

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