Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Engaging God's World: Ch. 3

This chapter really focuses on the fall of man. For some reason it just seems that everything we talk about has to do with "The Fall". I am starting to find it kind of gloomy. One thing that I did like about these chapters and that we sometimes forget is that before the fall God created us in his Image and we showed his glory. After the fall though even though this world is tainted and not what God intended it to be, you can find his Glory in every part of the planet.
There was one thing in this chapter that really confused me though and that was the idea of common grace. I do not understand how it works. Is this grace just directed towards Christians or is it grace for the whole human race? The only common grace that I can think of is God sending his son, Jesus Christ to die for us. This was intended for everyone regardless if they were believers or not, but I don't think this is what they are referring to in this chapter. I do not see God giving any more grace then Jesus to people who chose to continue living with out him. Why would he give grace to someone who has no good in them, because of the fall. ever sense the fall everyman unless saved through Jesus Christ has no good and is condemned to hell. This is the only thing in this chapter that I found a little fuzzy and if anyone has any idea what it means please tell me!

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