Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mere Christianity

I really liked this reading because it tries to define Christianity with out putting it into any denominations. the church today sometime seems to be so set on this denomination and that denomination that they forget what is at the heart of Christianity. Which is that Jesus gave his life for us, when we were the least deserving creatures on this planet. I was glad to see that Lewis was only giving people that, he wasn't trying to push them to one way of the church or the other.
"Mere Christianity" also talks about moral law. That everyone has a sense of right and wrong. In every culture there is moral law. Ever culture's moral law is pretty much the same with some little differences. It's just that most of the time people look at the differences and not how there practically the same. With everyone having moral law and it being the same it shows there is a higher moral law in which we all strive for. In a way it shows that there is a God.

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  1. Dear Marcus,

    Good summary although a bit succinct!
    I have to agree wholeheartedly with you in that I am happy Lewis talks about the ‘church’ as God sees it and not as we humans see it ‘divided and torn apart by discord and egoism.
    Furthermore, again I have to agree with your statements on the ‘moral law’. The immediate problem than becomes that it calls for our action rather than inaction, especially if this proves God exists. We cannot continue in our ways, we need to change, turn around and live fully for this Creator, independent of the specific ‘church body’ we are in. One fact is of the utmost importance then: “where is this REAL God served and obeyed”?
    Adriana & Paulo