Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poison of Subjectivism

I had a really hard time reading this essay. It seemed there was so much more going on and I could only grasp just a little about it. What I did get from it though I think is the probably the main point Lewis is trying to get across in the essay. Which is "Subjectivism".
What I understand Subjectivism to be is when your emotions or feelings towards something make you justify it as right. Even if they have no proof what so ever. They will continue to believe what they believe to be true even if there is a logical point that proves it wrong. This essay really goes well with Chapter 3 of "Engaging God's World". Subjectivism is really just an outcome of pride. the person is to proud to admit that they are wrong, or obsessed with having to be right. The reason I think this goes well with Chapter 3 is because Chapter 3 deals with the fall of man. What caused man to fall was pride.
This essay also goes along with some of Lewis's previous ones like "Meditation In A Toolshed". Subjectivism can be dangerous, because it will cause you think that anyone with a different opinion or belief then you is wrong. Which Lewis showed in our first essay is that we need to learn to see things from a different perspective. I love how all of Lewis's reading compliment each other. He never faults away from what he really believes of contradict what he has written in previous essays

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  1. Dear Mark,

    Yes, subjectivism is a difficult subject. But, I think you got the gist of it! This ‘doctrine that all knowledge is limited to experiences by the self, and that transcendent knowledge is impossible’ the idea of ‘feeling’ as being of utmost important and that ‘what I will is what I command’ the ‘sic volo, sic jubeo’. There is no outside rule any more…
    What a need to go back to the moral law that runs under all cultures and religions to this ‘Outside Goodness’ that rules our world. I love how Lewis states that he would rather have a poor ‘virtuous, diligent, skillful man that refuses bribes to a (this added by me) CEO that has ‘vision, creativity and dynamism with the openness for bribes’ with no ‘virtuosity and skill’. What a responsibility for us all, especially after this week’s ‘correct thinking will not make good man of bad ones’.

    God Bless,
    a & p