Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Love Eros

Eros is one of four kinds of Loves that Lewis describes in the reading "The Four Loves". Eros is what you would call being deeply in love with someone. How he describes "Eros" is when you can only think about that person and nothing else. Lewis makes sure to point out that "Eros" is not the craving to have sex with that person, but more. It is what he calls " a pre-occupation with that person" without really thinking about sex. you are facinated with who she is. Sex is just a desire and for that persons body. Just sexual desire itself is not true love, its just lust. You will grow bored with it after awhile. Eros is a desire to be with that person for the rest of your life. Its a desire for that person to feel the same thing your are feeling towards them, "You Desire them to desire you". Sex is something that comes after you have found that person that completes you. Its something that happens within the boundaries of marriage. Its when two people become one according to the bible. Its not something that should be taking lightly. It should be something special every time.
Another thing that I noticed is that this love "Eros" goes along with Lewis essay of "Subjectivism". In a way we show "Subjectivism" when we are experiencing the love "Eros". Regardless what people think we will view the person we are falling in love with as the most gorgeous person in the world, whether she is or not. Either way we will all experience "Eros" at one point in our lives. I just want to remember how sacred and special it is when I do.

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