Thursday, January 8, 2009


This read was really hard for me. I kind of understood what Lewis was trying to say, but at the same time really did not have a clue. I am sure that what i have to say will be completely different then everyone else, but its what I took from it.
Lewis ask the question "are all thoughts tainted or just some?" I didn't really understand what Lewis was saying by "thoughts being tainted" at first. After reading on though it made some sense to me. this idea of "Bulverism" corresponds with the first reading "Meditation In A Toolshed". The first essay Lewis talks about only seeing things in our perspective. In this essay he talks about how people assume that their opponents are wrong before they even know what there thinking. Most of the time they not see the reasoning or cause that may make someone think the way they do. People always think "I am right and you are wrong". What Lewis is trying to show is that we need to learn to fight for truth rather then victory. Just because someone believes something different than you does not mean they are wrong.

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