Saturday, January 24, 2009

Engaging God's World: Ch. 4

This chapter is the cornerstone to our faith, Redemption. It amazes me every time when I think that Christ, the universes' creator came down to this small little planet to give his life for us. The most undeserving of his creations. I dont think you will find redemption in any other religion, but Christianity. This is the part of Chrisitianity that I love. Not for the obvious reason that now I am not completely doomed to hell, but that it makes me feel God in a more personal way. It still blows my mind thinking about how can God love us that much, when compared to him we are nothing more then a piece of dust floating in the wind.
I had a really hard time really expanding on this chapter then what was written above. Thats all redemption means to me. It was intersting though to see different, but basic beliefs of redemption. I really liked how we talked about it in class that when we here this story or talk about God's redemption we tend to think of it as something old and boring. That we have heard before. Which is wierd, because its something we should really get excited about everytime we hear it. It is for God's redemption that we are still hear and living. No matter how many times we hear about it we should never grow bored with it.

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