Monday, January 26, 2009

Problem Of Pain

Problem Of Pain, this essay is about the question that billions of people ask themselves every day. That is "If God is such a loving God then why does he allow us to suffer so much?" I really liked this essay because I have asked myself this question many times in my life. I have lost love ones, and every time I find myself asking God why would he allow me endure so much pain?
I believe that the reason that we go through pain is because we are fallen. I know this may seem like an obvious reason, but its the one that I believe. Sense we are fallen we must put ourselves through pain to become more like God. We must sacrifice ourselves to become followers of Christ. I have learned to look at pain as something that comes before happiness. If you think about it what would happiness feel like if you never experienced pain. We also grow stronger through pain. If you think about weight lifting. When you lift your muscles become soar and weak, but when after that pain they become stronger and are capable of enduring more. The same applies to our relationship with God. We go through trials and tribulations. The pain that we go though during these times is just like our muscles. As we go through these pain it may seem that God has forsaken us. The truth is that these pains are intended to bring us closer to God. How would we grow closer to God if everything was always alright. These pains and suffering are supposed to get us to rely on him and put our faith and trust in Him.

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  1. Yes!
    Now let's live out of our understanding and Serve Our Lord!
    God Bless,
    adriana & Paulo