Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our English Syllabus

I had never thought that education and learning could be two completely different things. Lewis clearly shows us in "Our English Syllabus" that there is a difference. After reading it I have changed my perspective. According Lewis education is when you go to school or college and our spoon fed information that your teacher already knows. you go to school particpate in groups and classrooms. It is a system in which someone had decided for you what you need to know and how you will learn it.
Learning on the other hand is when you throughly and passionately seek knowledge that you don't know. Learning is something that you will use for the rest of your life. It takes place out side of the classroom and is used as a tool to educate in one. Learning usually is learned by trial and error or through experience not memorization.
So the question comes up that in todays classrooms and colleges are students really learning. most educational systems believe that students need to learn a little bit about everything. they come up with a bunch of core requirements needed for students to move on and graduate. I dont know if this is really necessary, maybe in high school but definitely not college. Most people are at college to gain the knowledge needed for the careers that they want to have. According to lewis students will not really learn unless they are very interested in the subject. so why make them take classes that they are not interested in, will they really learn in those classes?

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