Monday, January 19, 2009

Learning In War-Time

Learning In War-Time really centers around the theme of doing everything with all of you might and will as if you were doing it for the Lord.As an example he uses Learning and peoples attitudes of learning during World War II. During this time he said that sense people were giving there all during the war. That if they were giving it there all so that someone could have to the chance to continue there education in the states. In return that person should give there all in pursuing there education.
Something that I have noticed through out all of Lewis's essays, from the Screwtape Letter, Weight of Glory, and Learning is War-Time is not growing content. I feel that he is really trying to stress to always push yourself to be a better Christian. You can't grow content with were you are at in your faith. I think that what you can learn from this essay is that by doing everything with all of your might and doing it for the Lord you will find yourself always moving forward in your faith.

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