Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Engaging God's World: Ch. 2

In this chapter there is a lot about creation. It talks about how we are God's children and were created in his image. There are several questions asked about us as God's creations. Out of those questions the one that really stuck in my head and I found my self really thinking about was When it refers to our rights as God's creations. I was having trouble trying to think about what that meant. what rights would the creator owe us, God doesn't owe us anything. Its by his grace that we are even here.
I kept trying to think deeper about it and was just wondering if this person meant that we had these rights when we were created or did we get them after "The Fall"? I couldn't find an answer in the book. I decided that it would have to be before "The Fall".
After talking it over with some friends I came to a personal conclusion. That the rights the book is talking about is "The Fall" itself. I know it sounds crazy, but to me it makes sense. God is Omni-present and all knowing. he knows what we will do before we do. He knew that if he gave us a rule that could be broke we would break it. So why give us free will? Free will gives us the right to choose and God's wants us to choose to love and obey him. So he gives us the choice of right and wrong.

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  1. Dear Paul,
    I agree with you that Plantinga’s reading
    Good Thoughts Mark! Yes, it seems absurd to have rights... Although we all plead for that if there is a 'want' on our side.
    It's an ant telling an elephant he (the ant) has a right to tread where he wants... Still God gives us rights, and freedom!
    Adriana & Paulo